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Reiki First Degree, Second Degree, and Advanced Second Degree workshops are a two day, 16 hour certification course.

First Degree
In this beginner class, you will be attuned to channel the Reiki energy to flow from your hands and to sense the flow.  You will learn to give a full treatment to yourself, others, and animals and to scan the body to perceive areas of reduced vitality. 

Second Degree
With this course your channeling ability is increased from 20% to 100% while continuing to enhance the intuitive aspect of working with Reiki energy.  Additional attunements allow you to send “absent treatments” to anyone from a distance without the person being physically present.  You will learn techniques to prolong treatments, how to work with clients, how to treat emotional issues and eliminate unwanted patterns, habits and addictions.

Advanced Second Degree
You will learn some master level techniques, such as giving absent treatments to groups and locating and repairing breaks in the aura to expedite healing.  You will also be given specific techniques to reduce or alleviate pain and swelling in the body, give timeline treatments to emotional or physical problems of the past as well as treating future events.

Master Level
A six month intensive for those who have completed the three prior levels.

Reiki Master Teacher
Prerequisites and apprenticeship may vary according to prior training and clinical experience.